Reclaiming expenses

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How to get money reimbursed or a bill paid

Contact the sub-group responsible for that part of ABC's work - they are the "budget holder" for this sort of spending. They usually have guidelines for which sorts of expenditure can be paid. All bills have to be authorised before the sub-group can pay them, and very few of the bills that other co-op members might deal with are authorised by the Finance group. Examples of bills that are paid by sub-groups are:

The group concerned may want you to pass the bills to them for checking, or if it is OK with them and they contact Finance separately to give authorisation, you can send the bills straight to the Finance Group, with a covering note and an itemised summary, including who the cheque should be paid to.

Example 1

Please pay to Ima Average, to reimburse for the costs of copying and mailing June 2011 minutes:

Stamps £20.00

Envelopes £8.00

Copying £12.00

TOTAL £40.00

Example 2

Please pay the enclosed invoice for £125 from the Academy of Plumbing for emergency repairs to my flat, 11A Thingamebob Rd. The Maintenance Group will confirm that this payment is authorised. Thanks, Ima Average.

Please note that it is safer to check before you incur an expense that it is something that the co-op will pay for - otherwise you could find it coming out of your own pocket!

Method of payment will usually be by cheque.

Childcare costs for attending meetings are often paid in cash at the meeting, but you need to present a completed childcare claim form, signed already by the child-carer -  blank forms are available from the Finance Group.